Bangladesh for Britain is the group representing the British Bangladeshi community for a leave vote in the upcoming EU referendum.

This vote is significant for every British citizen, regardless of faith, age, gender or race. As proud British nationals with a strong Bangladeshi heritage, we want to encourage as many people from our community as possible to engage with this issue and take part in the conversation.

Many of us have friends and family in Bangladesh who struggle to move to the UK, despite their world class skills and education. We also see many of the industries that the Bangladeshi community support and service under threat due to the uncompromising nature of EU membership – for example tariffs on food and textile exports, and barriers to highly skilled curry chefs.

We want to re-shape the immigration debate surrounding the EU referendum. It is time that Britain left the EU and joined the world, unleashing unprecedented potential for trade, cultural exchange and security with the rest of the world.

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