Why leave the EU?


Britain should be trading with the whole world, not just Europe. EU trade tariffs restrict the UK’s ability to trade with countries outside the EU, which limits Britain’s’ ability to do business with the rest of the world.

The top 10 fastest growing economies in the world are outside of the European Union, and the population of the EU only amounts to 6% of the world population.


Many Bangladeshi immigrants find it difficult to obtain a visa, and many are sent home after a period of time because of changes to skilled workers visas.

As the Government is unable to control the level of EU migrants due to freedom of movement, so is legislating to reduce the number of non EU migrants. To put it simply, Commonwealth and all non EU immigrants are discriminated against in favour of EU immigrants. We do not believe this is in line with the cultural and historical friendship that Commonwealth nations share.


Britain does not need to be a member state of a political union in order to have positive relations and trade with other European nations. The undemocratic nature of the European Commission means that the MEPs European citizens elect to represent them have no power to introduce legislation. This unfortunately means that Westminster does not have the power to refute rules or regulations that are dictated to Britain by Brussels.